French Toast is the best!

All those who agree that French toast is absolutely the best, please like this post so that I can share the love for French Toast with all of you!! French Toast done right is the perfect breakfast for me. I like it hot and I like it sweet, yummm… I have seen professionals do it with Brioche bread but since we have a regular loaf of bread, I make do with that. I find that milk bread (a slightly sweeter taste in bread) also makes the most delectable French toasts because it soaks up the mixture really nicely.

My mother used to make French toast with whole eggs, milk and sugar and they turned out awesome! However, I recently learned a slight twist in this basic recipe from Masterchef Australia. It’s simple enough but makes a lot of difference in the taste and texture of this breakfast treat. The trick is to separate the egg and use only the egg yolk in the mix. This makes the mix slightly thicker and velvety. It seems that when a whole egg is incorporated into the mix, the whites tend to cook faster and give French toast an eggy smell and texture which isn’t so great.

To take French toast up yet another notch you can mix milk and cream with the egg yolk and sugar, that makes it really rich and absolutely amazing. I don’t know if this is common practice but since I have started to caramelize my French toast in butter I love them even more (as if that was possible!).

The other fun fact about French toast is that you don’t really need to follow a precise recipe. You want to use half the number of egg yolks for all the people you intend to serve. Say you are making breakfast for two people, use one egg yolk. Then you can keep doing the math in to increase the mix. Add as much sugar as you like. Sweeter the better, I say! Add in milk and/or cream with a little bit of caution, you don’t want a very runny mix because not only will it make the bread really soggy but you will need more and more bread to sop up all the mix!  And that, my dear reader, is not a pretty sight!

I enjoy my French toasts on a Saturday morning with strawberries and a glass of orange or apple juice. You can drizzle maple syrup, chocolate sauce or a tangy orange syrup (my younger sister tried this when blood-red oranges were in season and it tasted amazing with the toast!) It starts out my day perfectly. Almost forgot to mention that Mr. Mazhar loves them too!! Hope you enjoy French toast just as much as we do. Week day, weekend, enjoy them whenever it suits your fancy! Happy cooking!


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  1. hynasami3 says:

    I love french toast….but somehow mine are never sweet enough…any ratio for sugar to yolks?

    1. Nida Sami says:

      I am sure there is a perfect ratio out there, but I like to make them to suit my taste, which is sweet. Since I am usually making these for 2-4 people, I start out with 3-4 teaspoons of sugar and keep adding half teaspoons full to get the mix to where I like it.

      Actually, you have raised an excellent query, as this reminds me that I should have mentioned in my blog that after I give all the ingredients a good mix (with a whisk or fork) I let the mix rest for at least 5-7 minutes (but no more than 10 minutes). I give it this time to make sure that the sugar dissolves, which is very important to get all your toasts to taste sweet. What happens when you use the mix immediately after incorporating all the ingredients is that the sugar settles in the bottom of the bowl, so that the first few pieces of toast are bland, the middle few are just about right, but the last couple of pieces are ridiculously sweet (and remember I like them sweet).

      Maybe I will add this to the main post, so that all my readers can benefit. Thanks to you Hyna!

      1. nigamin says:

        I never realised just how technical making French Toast could be. But then all good things need patience, effort and perfect proportions. Lovely tips. . A definite for upcoming long weekend.

  2. nigamin says:

    Looks absolutely inviting………

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