More than one fish in the sea!


I was going through my album of food I’ve cooked and I came across a picture that is worth a thousand words and it was tasty too! One day not long ago I was flipping through TV channels trying to find something to watch and I stopped at a cooking show that seemed interesting. And It was. I learnt quite a few things from this soft-spoken, relaxed and smart gentleman. His name is Simon Hopkinson and the show was called “The Good Cook”.

On that day he was cooking a really nice fish dish (hahahahaaa) that wasn’t overly complicated and gave a slight new twist worth trying out. Naturally, I did. In fact I’ve made this dish quite a few times since. It’s been a hit with my family and I really enjoy it too. The thing I like most about it is the flavours are close enough to home but slightly different to raise interest. Obviously I had to make some changes with respect to the fish that was used in this recipe. Simon used smoked haddock. For one thing I don’t like smoked fish at all and the other thing is that we don’t get haddock in the UAE. Maybe some specialty stores would carry it and you are welcome to try it. But I got a white fish fillet instead. And purely for personal preference I left out the boiled egg from my version. I don’t like boiled eggs – sorry but it does not go down well with me at all. Other than that I love the flavours and aroma of this dish and it’s appreciated by family and friends for being something other than biryani – no offence Mr. Mazhar 😉

I’ve posted the link to the recipe below. Hope you try it out and enjoy it. Happy cooking everyone! Thanks for reading.


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