All good things…


All good things really must come to an end 😦 Last night they sure did for me. I got on another fridge cleaning spree with less than spectacular results. I guess, I got a bit carried away and dinner was something that just passed as edible. It was neither really flavourful nor appetising. I just mixed things together that in my mind made sense but in reality that was evidently not the case. 

I started out with some chicken thighs. I had them thawed out since early morning, right after Mr. Mazhar left for the office. And all the while I was cleaning the house, making up our room, washing up dishes and putting on the laundry, I kept thinking what should I do with those chicken thighs! My one mistake was that for some reason I did not turn to my favorite cookbooks, neatly stacked on my kitchen shelf. I’m not quite sure why I didn’t think of going through the them. I just opened the fridge and saw a bunch of things that I just mixed together in the hope of it miraculously turning into an amazing marinade. I do get into this mood once in a while and sometimes it does pay off but last night – no such luck. When I get in this mood, measurements go out the window. I add a bit of this, too much of that and spill more of something than I had intended. Then I go about adjusting the flavour… When I tasted the marinade, earlier in the day, I thought I had a winner. Unfortunately the flavour did not carry through during the cooking process. Mr. Mazhar was a really good sport though and said I could’ve just added a bit more salt. 

Needless to say I was quite upset. Luckily we had some gulab jamuns leftover from the previous weekend. So we heated them up and had a wonderful dessert round. Mr. Mazhar accompanied his dessert with tea and made a cup of green tea for me. And we called it a night. Masked as an innocent suggestion Mr. Mazhar said, just as we got ready for bed, maybe we could have lentils and rice for dinner tomorrow! Isn’t he the sweetest 🙂


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