Nothing’s better than Tiramisu!


I’m not a big fan of puddings, custards or any other traditional desserts that are of the wobbly sort but I am a big fan of most things chocolate and coffee. And nothing brings these two ingredients together better than Tiramisu. It is the most divine thing you will ever taste in life if it’s done right. Unfortunately in my obsession with this dessert I have tried it everywhere I’ve seen it on a menu and it hasn’t always been a good experience. 

You won’t believe my joy when I actually made Tiramisu and it tasted absolutely wonderful. This is one dessert, whenever I’ve served it to guests, I always take a huge piece out for me first 😉

I’ve read through many recipes for Tiramisu and found a lot of them included the use of alcohol. The one recipe that didn’t use alcohol is the one I’ve tried and tested and found it to be fool-proof yummy-ness. You can find this recipe on the link below.


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