Beef Chilli (dry)

Funny story this… I have made beef chilli dry once or twice now as Mr. Mazhar loves Chinese food so when I came across a picture of the dish I had made a while back, I thought I write a post about it. Here’s the funny bit… for the life of me I can’t find the recipe for it anywhere. I usually write down the recipes I use in my writing pad but if I use the recipe straight from the internet I always bookmark the page so that I can come back to write it down later… Missed the mark on this one 😦

So I’m sharing with you the different pictures I took of the dish I made and enjoyed with my family and I have a humble request to all those who come across this post. Please share with me your recipe for beef chilli dry in the comments sections as I would love to hear from you and see if I can recall what recipe I used to create this wonderful delight. Thanks in advance to all those wonderful people who help me in my search for the recipe for beef chilli 🙂




Happy cooking everyone!


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