Making my table pretty!

I shared with you my love for pretty table clothes and the different ways I style my table to keep things interesting. Here is a sneak peak into my small but growing collection of pretty tissue papers or napkins. I don’t know about different parts of the world but here in the UAE this is by far the cheapest way to amp up the profile of any dinner party and dinner table. There are quite a few large furniture and home goods retail stores in the UAE that place a variety of beautiful napkins close to their checkout points and they are always on discount. I got all of the printed ones for no more than AED 9 for a packet of 20 napkins. Then there is always IKEA. I think a packet of the plain colored ones also cost around AED 9 but for a packet of 50 napkins and printed ones for AED 7 for a packet of 30 napkins. See what I mean by easy upgrade! I always get two packets because dinner parties at our humble abode usually have 16-18 guests but then I get to use the lovely napkins for at least 2 parties (if not more!)


Graceful and elegant, perfect for a formal dinner
A romantic notion! Love Letter!
Geometric and neon! Psychedelic!
Pink and playful, floral and polka dots!

Plain color for a simple affair!


Pretty in pink!


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