I’m back!

Breaks are tricky things. You like being on them, it feels so relaxing and liberating, to not have to worry about a deadline or any particular schedule for that matter. But it makes coming back to a routine that much harder! At least that’s how I go down the lane from sporadic posts to complete shutdown for two years! But somehow, this time things are different. I have a lot of motivation from my family and friends to get back to writing about the things I do in my kitchen. And boy have I been doing a lot!! So hold on and hope you enjoy the ride. 

The last part of Ramadan is very long and tiring and it felt to me that I didn’t want to take any time away from my prayers, supplications and recitation of the Quran, which by the way, I was able to complete once and read through almost half of it for a second time. Alhamdulillah! The end of Ramadan marks the one of the two most celebrated events of the Islamic calendar, Eid ul Fitr!!! And that was a great time this year. We spent Eid in UAE with Mr. Mazhar and my family. We visited relatives and friends and they visited us. It was great fun! And a lot of exciting cooking happened in my kitchen. Some things were phenomenal hits that we ran out completely and Mazhar still can’t reinforce the fact enough to me that I need to make extra food so that we have leftovers that he can eat to his heart’s content…or should I say stomach 😉

This brings me to a funny but sweet realisation. Whenever we are planning a party and going over menu options Mazhar always asks me to make whatever is easiest for me to cook and always tries to get me to reduce the number of dishes we serve but increase the quantity so that we don’t run out. He, being a man – Allah help him! – can’t really help me much in the kitchen before the party but he does help me out after the party with the washing and cleaning up in the kitchen. I’m not sure that I always thank him… If you read this Mazhar, thank you very much for being a caring husband. 

Enough with the mushy stuff and back to the business of cooking. A few weeks after Eid my youngest sister came over to UAE for a break 😉 and she has literally gone through my blog and made me cook dishes she wanted to try. But I didn’t just stop there. I made new things for her and my family to try out as well and I will be sharing those with you in the coming day, in’ Shaa Allah! 

So take care, keep reading and happy cooking!


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