Something special!

This is a very special recipe with an even more interesting back-story! A few years ago while watching an episode of Masterchef Australia I saw chef George Calombaris teach the contestants a simple yet beautiful Greek sweet dish that from the looks of it I thought I could make it too. As it happened the day I decided to make this recipe for the first time was in Ramadan, while fasting! So I couldn’t really taste along while cooking to see if I was heading in the right direction. But then I trusted George enough to just follow his recipe which I did – to the letter – with amazing results. I made it again quite a few times during the same year but then the recipe got completely pushed out of my mind. Until my youngest sister – who is vacationing with us at the moment – asked me to bake it for her. Her wish is my command so here goes…

The dish is called Bougatsa. It’s a light filo pastry casing filed with a creamy custard filling that is just the perfect amount of sweetness for my palate. The smell of vanilla and butter and baking pastry is enough to drive anyone mad. So trust me you have to try this! You can find the complete recipe on the link below. George made his own filo pastry and served the Bougatsa with fresh figs. I’m quite an amateur cook so I didn’t try making the filo pastry and used store bought instead. We don’t get fresh figs in Karachi so I skipped that part also. But the recipe for the filling is the real winner in my book, wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Just follow either of these links and you will be the happiest person in the world for a few brief yet precious moments. Happy cooking everyone!


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  1. nigamin says:

    Truly something special. It is an unexpected unraveling of flavors and textures… hats off to this one

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