Missing my sister!

I’m feeling a little sad today as my youngest sister, Hina, left us in the UAE to go back home to our parents in Karachi, after a month long vacation filled with love and laughter, jokes and pranks, hugs and kisses… A month it seems went by in a flash! Although our parents called us everyday to let us know how much they were missing having their baby at home! Being the youngest has its perks, right Hina? 😉

I hope Hina will agree with me when I say that for as long as she stayed with me I cooked my heart out for her. I have to say that having an appreciative audience makes cooking even more joyful than it usually is. Just the thought of bringing out a platter of food that looks as appetising as it is tasteful and that will fill the stomachs, hearts and souls of those near and dear to me with nutrition, nourishment and love makes me want to do a little dance (strictly in private). So today in the absence of the encouragement and appreciation of my lovely sister and with a heavy heart I’m finding it very difficult to step into the kitchen…maybe tomorrow…maybe day after 😦 I miss you more than words can ever say Hina! You are and always will be “my true North”. May Allah SWT bless you with all that is good in this life and the next. Aameen. All my prayers are for you always! Love you loads and loads and loads!

Mr. Mazhar can we please order take-out tonight?



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