Treat for Mrs. Mazhar!

I’ve been away for a few days. First it was the weekend which we spent in Sharjah with Mr. Mazhar’s family which was fun! No cooking for me which is also a good break once in a while. I mentioned this on the way back home to Mazhar and…he said…”Begum sahiba, thank you for cooking amazing meals for me every night and as a thank you I want to take you out for dinner tomorrow night.” Yayyyyyy, date night!!! And I didn’t have to coerce it out of him! Hahahahaaa 😉

We had an amazing night. It started with the beautiful bouquet Mazhar got me of roses and irises, pictured above. Then a night out at….wait for it… The Ritz-Carlton! Oh my gosh! It’s not my intention to make anyone jealous but Mazhar really out did himself and I feel wonderfully loved and cared for!

We went to an Italian-Mediterranean buffet restaurant, Giornotte. Amazing salad and bread and butter selections, live pasta cooking station! Oh! that was the highlight for me. Anyone whose been reading my blog knows I love pasta so that was the best part of the evening for me and especially because Mazhar had some pasta too with less cheese, more meat and spices and he loved it! We also tried chicken cacciatore, pizza margheritta, fried beef, Spanish rice, fish in lemon butter sauce, broccoli in morney sauce, roasted potatoes and lots more I don’t remember. And I have to tell you about the dessert section! Creme bruleè, tiramisu, caramel, chocolate torte, dulce chocolate panna cotta, baklava, chocolate fondue with fruits, truffles, biscotti….and much much more!

Needless to say we were stuffed by the time we got through the dinner but it was a wonderful night and I’m grateful to Allah SWT for giving me a husband who appreciates me and my efforts to make his life complete. May Allah SWT increase the love and respect we have for each other in our hearts and may He bless our lives with all the goodness of this world and the Hereafter. Aameen.

Thank you Mr. Mazhar for thanking me in such a wonderful way!



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