Sweet green peas

I don’t think there is a vegetable more appropriately named than the sweet green peas, or sometimes called sweet garden peas. There is indeed something sweet about them. Little, smooth, green spheres of bursts of sweet flavour. I remember growing up I used to think they were gross and mushy and yucky, typical kiddie reaction but now that I’ve grown up a bit, just a bit, mind you 😉 I can’t get enough peas! My freezer is chock full of packets of peas at all times. As soon as I open the last bag, I make a mental note to get more ASAP! It’s a matter of domestic happiness 🙂

Sweet peas taste good, most people will agree with that but I’ve learned from recent experiences that they are just as easy to cook. Just pop them into a pan with a little water and as many or as few spices as you like, cover and in no time they are ready in all their bright green splendour! I usually add salt, whole cumin seeds, crushed red chilli peppers, pinch of turmeric and a little olive oil and butter. The spices help enhance the sweet flavour of the peas, giving it some zing rather than being bland and boring. No real measurements are involved here I use some judgement and I taste to make sure the flavours are there. A little heat, some sweet, some salty, that’s it!

So on a recent lazy afternoon when I couldn’t really be bothered to cook something and I was too bored with the contents of my fridge to reheat some leftovers, I decided sweet peas will be just the right thing to satiate a smallish hunger pang. Since it was a smallish hunger pang I thought some pasta would be a nice accompaniment to make a meal of my sweet peas. I also recalled that I had a half used bottle of pesto sauce in my fridge that would be better utilised sooner rather than later. Nothing special in terms of a recipe here just a light summery lunch that hit the right spot. Sometimes that is all you need. Hope you have a great day with great cooking, enjoy!

I’m really pleased with the pictures I’ve taken of my simple sweet meal! They look like true art, don’t you agree? Love it!

Sweet peas and pasta with pesto sauce


Pesto pasta with sweet peas


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